I would like to know how well a system works with both XP and 98SE installed. I am considering partitioning a hard drive and putting XP on 25g partition and 98SE on the other 15g partition. The reason is that I have some programs in 98 that will not work on XP. Also, my scanner will not work on XP and Visioneer is not supplying an upgrade driver. In such an installation, I am wondering if both systems should be installed under FAT 32. That way, stored compatible files could be accessed by both operating systems; or would such lack of separation create filing confusion. The option given at startup in XP Pro to allow the choice of OS is intriguing. I am aware that cache settings and swapfile will need to be tweaked in 98 with the additional memory recommended for XP performance. Given the possibility of system crash, the option of having a backup OS installed is an interesting challenge.