I would like to find a 1947 ford pickup Cab with front clip and Chassis with a valid Title. It would not have to have any of the running gear in it. I have everything to drop into it. I just need something that has a valid chassis number, and cab Vin/ID plate so I can register it and get it on the road.

a number years ago, I bought a complete Frame with the motor, trans, and rear end. It was complete and runs, but the guy had taken the cab, front clip and bed off and converted it to his late model Chevy S10 Pick and registered it as a 1947 Ford Pick up, which is what it looks like from the outside view, so he never would have to Smog his S10 pick up again.
I got a General bill of sale, but only for misc truck parts, nothing I ever could register.
I live in Southern CAlifornia, San Diego County and have my own tow truck and flat bed car hauler, so getting it anywhere in San diego county, CA would not be a problem.
Cash or trade for lots of neat stuff I have.