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Thread: Crack software

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    Crack software

    To the Newbie that posted about 'Crack' software...

    Just follow these simple steps to install a utility (or commonly called a "crack" to either install software of a copied CD or upgrade the trial version of software to the full version:

    1. Go into Google and type the search word 'crack'.
    2. Peruse through the hits and load a sincere looking link.
    3. Whoops.. Close that one.. It's a porn site.
    4. Uh oh.. 12 pop-ups? Try closing all of them fast enough.
    5. To heck with it, just re-start your PC.
    6. Back on Google? ..Okay.
    7. Try a different site this time.
    8. Look for your crack.
    9. Found it? ...Okay, now download it.
    10. They want HOW MUCH for "full access"?
    11. Try a different site.
    12. Cool... Found it and got it to download?
    13. Run the program.
    14. Whooops! Got a copy of Norton?
    15. Shut your computer off.
    16. Go to the store and spend $50 for the newest virii scanner.
    17. Install software.
    18. Did it work? Oh, sorry about the files Norton couldn't clean...

    That's all there is to it.

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    Maybe we should make a t-shirt saying"Got Trojans?" for all the crackers out there.

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    Yeah true, but if you look close enough their a lot of clean sites that really have Clean iso and .bin of games.

    Mabye it the government you put trojans in and virus to make people not dl bad stuff.

    I bet it's nortan though.

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    Crackers? did somebody say Crackers? hmm Ritz? Saltines? ahhh wheat thins heeheehee Download trialware, figure out how to make your own keygens and patches and then most importantly....Don't tell a friggin soul, even your mommy. and leave the little guy tryin to earn a livin alone...also sounds like somebodys been to the so called cracked sites. astalavista baybeeeee.

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