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Thread: Post Your "Super PI" benchmarks

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    Post Your "Super PI" benchmarks

    I've never seen this benchmark here at Sysopt. It is a benchmark that measures CPU peformance almost exclusively; but also has some dependency on memory timing configuration as faster memory settings will effect overall speed. It is quite popular in the pacific rim and in Europe

    My Machine:
    Athlon XP 1600 @ 1.39ghz
    ECS K7S5A rev. #4 (Sis 735 chiposet)
    516 MB Crucial 2100 DDR @ CAS 2.5 Ultra settings
    Quantum Fireball 20 GB 7200 Rpm HD.
    Most recent version of AMI BIOS.

    Score: 1M = 01min 19 sec

    Down load here:
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