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    Is a solid state disk a good upgrade?

    Are solid state disks a good idea to speed up a PC ? I see that (for example) the OCZ Apex 60GB SSD reads up to 230MB/sec and writes up to 160MB/sec.
    Standard SATA 3Gb/s beats those times with a...
  2. HTTP protocol not working, HTTPS,FTP both OK.

    A friend has asked me to rescue a PC (XP, SP 3) that has lost HTTP protocol in Explorer 7. HTTPS communication still works ok, ditto FTP. It occured straight after installing AVG free edition, but...
  3. Yes, thanks for the information. The Vista...

    Yes, thanks for the information. The Vista machine at present only has the one wired Lan access, and I am trying to do all the communication by that. If I abandon that plan and install a Wifi...
  4. network router restriction on music-sharing ?

    I had a Win-XP machine sending audio to a Roku Soundbridge by Wifi. With a Wifi card in the PC everything was OK, but with a 100Mb wired link to a Zyxel Prestige 600 wifi-router, The Roku saw the...
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