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    (added / to type) removed / from restricted see...

    (added / to type)
    removed / from restricted see latest link below
  2. Universal Ide-Sata-adapter on win10. IDE drive not recognized

    I remember once tested ide/sata-hdd-adapter on older pcs. have now two.
    sata-hotswapped working on win10 ultrabook.
    but i cant hear power on ide-drives. have many could check all of them.
    i wonder...
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    lost command for hybernating-powercfg

    i lost my comman for hybernation of windows 10.
    isnt it in windows powershell as administator?
    powercfg /h -type /restricted
    and /full to change to full

    or: where to look if windowsupdate had...
  4. they repaired it finally. netframework-forced...

    they repaired it finally. netframework-forced update came in. same these days. and i am deeply impressed. core-protection not deactivated.
    only dont know if the deactivate my powercfg-setting....
  5. They are closed and sleeping deeply....

    They are closed and sleeping deeply.
    Again-despite having shut down update. Modules were installed again aug 17.. and had to set back. DEAD SOUND AS ALWAYS!!!
    It highest time to speak TACHELES....
  6. Problem started after Aug. 10th windows 10-...

    Problem started after Aug. 10th windows 10- Update. I forgot to shut it down also not only deactivate. and next one after 35 days. sep 17th. Where is Microsoft?
  7. Is Microsoft sleeping? Again audio blocked after win-update Win10-Systemrestore

    Synaptics aka conexant audio driver updating doesnt help when windows 10-update is blocking again audio. Only systemrestore helped me twice in one day since first systemrestore had been overruled by...
  8. Core Protection went off/deactivated without...

    Core Protection went off/deactivated without warning. Reactivating and restarting helped.
    Microsoft should implement warning! Maybe its for security reason they will not do.
    Brother didnt know...
  9. not getting but checking core protection(will be...

    not getting but checking core protection(will be deactivated) for related oemx.inf version to delete with command.
    1. doing what i advised during SW-installation. then going to...
  10. SOLVED NOW REALLY-one must go and get new oemx.inf file to remove it.

    SOLVED NOW. After installation the right way coreprotection will be deactivated again. by removing the related oemx.inf file with the mentioned command, coreprotection can be activated again.
    I can...
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