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  1. Installing individual packages AFTER installing in Shrike

    What I need is pretty clear from the subject...

    Does anyone know how to select individual packages to install from within red hat 9? The package management tool only allows installing/removing...
  2. Thread: Gulf War (RTS)

    by kheinz

    I hate to be the fun spoiler... but... did this...

    I hate to be the fun spoiler... but... did this forum suddenly turn zionist or are you guys so glad and excited about the death of so many people, both Iraqis and Coalition troops, that you can't...
  3. Replies

    Compaq evo N1020v and redhat linux 8.0

    Do these guys have a problem with each other? I can't seem to be able to start setting up Redhat linux 8.0 on a compaq evo. As soon as setup starts initializing, the pc hangs on:

  4. ummm...

    sorry that doesn't help...
  5. need help booting into red hat linux from NTFS partition


    I'm sorry to say I'm a windows user and I'm finding it hard to switch to linux... but that's besides the point.

    I have windows XP already installed on my PC on an NTFS partition. I...
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