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    Radeon HD5850 1GB for $252 @

    Use coupon code "1SC0KPSK$BN10J" to get 10% off -- basically it makes it about the price AMD wanted them to be in the first place (stupid supply & demand....).
  2. Followup: 32. Vista couldn't automatically...


    32. Vista couldn't automatically fix my issues. Blamed corrupt PCIIDEX.SYS file.
    33. <reboot>
    34. boot from Vista disk
    35. selected command prompt
    36. browsed to...
  3. How to screw up your RAID 1 volume in Vista in 2 easy steps

    Begin: Troubleshoot why PC won't come out of hybrid sleep/sleep mode.

    Read somewhere to 'remove battery from mobo', which means to set BIOS to failsafe defaults.

    Don't do this if you have a...
  4. heh lol. Guess you'll have to play it to find...

    heh lol. Guess you'll have to play it to find out. :)
  5. Daemontools -- 3.47 vs. 4.xx(adware removable via control panel)

    I've been using Daemontools v3.47 for years now and it's been great. I understand that the subsequent versions were adware based and because of that I've never bothered to use 4.x.

    Is there any...
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    Yes, I totally agree. That's why I pulled my...

    Yes, I totally agree. That's why I pulled my 550W from the other PC and put it in the LANboy case. Still waiting for FedEx... The 550W has been running the 3870, 2x 320GB hard drives, 1 optical,...
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    Poll: I love my 360. Except of course the (2) red...

    I love my 360. Except of course the (2) red rings of death I've experienced. For that reason alone with its associated 6 weeks of combined downtime I'd say get a PS3. Other than the inferior...
  8. The Nameless Mod -- a total conversion for DEUS EX released :)

    Yes, I personally made a bunch of it (Deus Ex Incarnate, forum city). 7 years of development by an international group of fans/evil geniuses.

    You know you want it. Dust off your old original...
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    I finally pressed :) new upgrade

    Sadly, my third fastest PC (XP3200+ on NF7-Sv2) has been having serious issues for awhile. I decided that instead of putting any money into that old beast I'd be better off to just go for the gusto....
  10. auto FTP script -- connecting without password in script

    howdy folks,

    I have an XP system at work that has a batch file to do a simple task --
    * copy files to a network drive
    * ftp files to a linux server

    <do some DOS commands here>

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