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  1. Relocating RAID 1 Volume: Minor Success for Posterity

    A month or so ago I picked up Windows Home Server 2011 for $45. :) My plan was to repurpose my old Core 2 Duo E6400 system to be my new home server (and of course the loss of such a fine system from...
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    Howdy folks, My condolences Billforce. :( ...

    Howdy folks,

    My condolences Billforce. :(

    Can you use a non-conductive mineral oil on those coolers or are you stuck with using only H2O?
  3. Few minor thoughts. 1. failing hard drive --...

    Few minor thoughts.

    1. failing hard drive -- especially if it's getting long in the tooth (>=5 years old)
    2. failing IDE or SATA bus (would fail even more often when heated up)
    3. #1 &/or #2 can...
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    Yay new monitor :)

    NEC Multitouch Superbright 19" CRT FE991SB-BK. I've had it since 2003. During the last month it's developed a lovely feature in which the monitor goes black except for a .5" wide whitish...
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    Heh heh....those ~you've been infected~ webpages...

    Heh heh....those ~you've been infected~ webpages make me laugh....I get them when surfing from Ubuntu/Mepis/Mint/various Linux distros. It pops up a thing showing a Windows explorer window with a C:...
  6. 2x 2TB WD20EARS in RAID 1, low transfer rate + solution

    Low transfer rate of around 22-23 MB/s. Should be faster.

    Install latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers

    Newegg had their 2TB WD20EARS drives on sale a...
  7. Quake III based games broken after Catalyst 10.5 + workaround

    After installing ATI Radeon Catalyst 10.5 & 10.6 the OpenGL subsystem is messed up. Old games such as Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, RTCW, Quake III -- really, any game based on the venerable...
  8. heya wardD, here's the English-equivalent of...

    heya wardD,

    here's the English-equivalent of what I said above:

    Virtual Box and Virtual PC 2007 are ways to virtualize another PC without building another one. I've been unable to use DVD43...
  9. How to use DVD43 + Handbrake on Vista Home Premium 64 bit

    Here's how I used Virtual Box, Windows 2k, DVD43 and Handbrake on my Core i7 920 machine running Vista 64 bit for backing up DVDs.

    1. install Oracle's Virtual Box (it's free :) )
    2. install a 32...
  10. Ergonomic keyboards, mice/trackball input needed

    Of late my hands are having more difficulty with work & play. None of my input devices are ergonomic.

    1. Keyboards: which are the better ergo-keyboards that you use?
    2. anyone have special...
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