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  1. Autostart-Entries deactivated-Win10-64-home

    Glary Utilities showed me these 180 entries deactivated.
    I have Defender, Malwarebytes(free), running Adwcleaner from time to time also.
    Win10-64-home-16/1TB i7
    Everythings seems ok.

  2. this is the new imagehoster...

    this is the new imagehoster
    this the domain from where i am forwarding
    Forwarding working now. i changed from cloaking to redirecting http 301...
  3. How is called the google-website-certification-process?

    I forgot the naming of the google website-certification-process or tool.
    when i was forwarding my old stuff sitting in imagehosters i had to go throught that process.
    meanwhile i had to change...
  4. As i predicted at least first two agents seems the very same people!

    Big surprise when i pressed both chikeer02/chikeer-website (all gone now i also warned registrar and Icann) and aikmic in mails. remember: i only bought from chikeer02. i wanted confirmation the...
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    Sticky: Glary Utilities. I am using on my...

    Glary Utilities.
    I am using on my Win10-ultrabooks. as cleaner. has backup and recovery function and defrag. and more.
  6. H2testw running is taking forever! and filling...

    H2testw running is taking forever! and filling 1TB data too.
  7. bought 1 + 2 TB for 49.98 usd incl. shipping....

    bought 1 + 2 TB for 49.98 usd incl. shipping. difference 34 usd. they offered 8 then 12 usd compensation. sending back too expensive. and they told its free..... chinese irreal thinking. since they...
  8. Which tool to recognize type of USB-stick 1/2 TB

    As i told in PC Deals and Steals i had a fraud with a non SSD-m1-NVMe-stick. both 1 and 2 TB.
    They cannot be SSD since speed is half of what Sata III-counterpart is delivering.

    Is there a tool to...
  9. FRAUD-STAY AWAY from SSD-m2-MVMe-offer. They dont ship it. only Standard Stick
    its a fraud.
    this is what you get
    Its half of SSD-SATA III. m2-NVMe must...
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    Formatting 2 TB-USB-Stick

    From a fraud-instead of a 2TB SSD m2-NVMe i have got a standard USB-stick.
    I measured half if the speed of a real SSD-m2-SATA III chip-case.

    it was eFat-formatted. Should i format NTFS to test...
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