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  1. Looking for updated codec (if available)

    This is a tough problem. Looking for an updated audio codec for the Digisette Duo AR-496 MP3 player (bought in 2005). Company apparently has went out of business. What I need is an update so that the...
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    Delay in seeing entered text

    I'm having a problem with entering text into my computer with the keyboard. There is a three second delay before anything I enter shows up in whatever program I am using. I also have to hold down the...
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    Looking for a software solution...

    Iím a user of historical government info that was sold and formatted in the dbase format. I would like to archive this information from multiple cd-roms to a dvd, which would make using this info...
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    Cannot access internet...

    Hello- I cannot access the internet after I installed Norton Personal Firewall 2004. I always get the message "page cannot be displayed". My computer is a HP Pavilion 772N running Windows XP. I left...
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    Racing Upload

    Question- Why is it that my computer is able to upload data at speeds of 200-230K constantly but I never can download at more than 35K. I am using a regular 56k dial-up connection. I have used...
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    Crash after booting up....

    I am getting a message after booting up my win98se
    computer that reads as follows:
    Invalid VxD Dynamic link call to device number 3, service B. Your windows configuration is invalid. Run the...
  7. Looking for a moderately priced sound card..

    I'm one of those people attempting to copy my whole ancient record collection to my hard drive. Anyone have any suggestions and/or recommendations on a reasonably priced (under $125) sound card that...
  8. Crash & Reboot problem when running programs...

    Hello- Can anyone help me with a problem that is causing my computer to crash and/or reboot when I am installing software, running my programs like Norton Utilities, or using my cd-rom burner. This...
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