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  1. Roxio Burn and Right on Track. THis happens on...

    Roxio Burn and Right on Track.
    THis happens on both my laptop (Toshiba laptop w/vista) and my desktop w/win7 ultimate

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail
  2. Problem with Right Clicking on folders and Roxio program

    Everytime I Right click on folder, Roxio trys to do a backup recovery......I have to wait a few minutes until
    cancel shows up as option and then I can open folder.

    Gee what gives??
    Run windows7...
  3. TSST corp CDDVDW SH-224 BB SCSI Not reading disk or burning

    I got this new and it worked a couple of times. Now it will not see disk put into it and I cannot find
    drivers to make it work.

    NE ideas?
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    Help Installing Sata Dvd Burner.

    I bought a Sata DVD Burner (internal) and put it in my computer. Now I found out that the 2 Sata connectors on MB only support HD's.
    Is it possible to get a PCI card that has Sata connectors that I...
  5. "Enter Built in HDD1 Password" NE way around this?

    My wife owns Toshiba Satellite A205-S5841 Laptop OUT of Warranty.
    Well, she purchased a New Laptop and I was trying to erase the HD on old one(Toshiba Satellite A205-S5841) and reinstall Recovery...
  6. Well, I have tried Malwarebytes and a couple of...

    Well, I have tried Malwarebytes and a couple of Root Kit finders and still no luck.
    It is real weird ...when I click on folder, the folder just hangs up and sometimes closes itself.
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    Help with xp boot failure

    I had to change the CMOS Battery on Motherboard and when I installed NEW battery and tried to restart computer, all I get is Boot Failure. Running XP Pro, soyo dragon mb, amd processor.

    Thanks in...
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    I just installed Office 2003 and part of it was Office Outlook Express. I created my accounts that I already had at Hotmail and tried to download messages etc. and this NEW one runs at a snail pace!...
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    Hmm got it (SP2) from Microsoft

    Here is what I got on First HD.

    " SP2
    KB810217 (Windows XP Hotfix - KB810217) on 01/11/04
    KB810243 (Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) [See KB810243 for more information]) on 01/12/04...
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    XP updating Question 4 New HD

    I have a 120g HD that has XP installed with the Latest updates from MicroSoft.

    I just installed a NEW 120g HD in same computer and made it a Slave to other HD.

    IS it possible to transfer latest...
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