I'v noticed that alot of people just dont' seem to understand that linux isn't a desktop environemnt, it's a KERNEL!!

Windows has integrated: drivers, UI, window manager, shell, libraries, etc...

Linux is a kernel, once the kernel boots, you can set it to use whatever shell you want, with whatever services you want. You can choose a different X server, with different window managers and panneling systems, sound systems, etc...

When I install something in windows, I feel as though I'm just adding to this big pile of ****. You have no clue what's going on in the background, what it's modifing, and why it just stops working once and a while.

The ONLY reason anybody would want to use windows on the desktop is cauz it has more applications developed for it, that doesn't make it better.

I use linux for my server and as a desk machine. But I also have a windoz machine for games, photo editing and downloading (KaZaa, morpheus, limewire, bearshare...). The Piece 'O **** can't even stay running for 1 night without a crash. I refuse to run XP cauz there is no way in hell i'm installing an OS that needs 2 ****ing gig on space on my machine. That's retarded.

Windows has MANY problems too; security, performance, memory hog, stability, etc... WMP 8 sends info to MS about the media you listen/watch, Outlook is a spawning pool for viruses, apps like winzip could crash the whole OS, it's dificult to clean windows drives, etc... Hell, in linux you can't even get a virus if the user who 'put' the virus on the machine isn't root.

Lets face it, windows is a joke, they just make it look good.