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Ammok's on the right track - God Bless America!! And he's in the
UK, too! God Bless Ammok!!

I was fortunate enough to pick up one of those Visiontek 6564's
during the Thanksgiving rush for $100 after rebate at Best Buy -
I lucked out actually, found it in a stack of items returned from
the registers that Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Was also able to backorder a second one on-line for $150.
I love great deals. . .just look at my credit card balance(s).

Just picked up a couple of those CompUSA(Maxtor) 80GB(5400 rpm) HDDs for $100 each. Help me - I'm out of control!

- Bill

Is there any way to make Ammok's avatar bigger?? I think his is
the best

here is a bigger picture of Ammoks avatar