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Thread: Ti 500 Or Ti200

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    Radeon 8500 is faster than GF3 in every Benchmark and nearly every Game if u like 32bit!!!But if your playing 800x600 in 16 bit u should feel fine with some mx or old school boards.
    Remarcable for SiS, the 315 is fully supported by XP!U don t even have to install special drivers, coze XP has his own SiS315 drivers.
    I like it better then mx cards, coze SiS315 fully supports DX8.

    U sadly **** right:ATI drivers sux, but nvidia´s XP drivers are lagging performance like hell!, so what?

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    At least in Canada the TI500 is almost double the price of a TI200 for a 20-30% speed increase, this to me, does not seem to be adequate, and as for a GeForce2 Ultra or GeForce3, no, those are NOT good, the whole point to the TI chipsets is Shadow Buffers which give relaistic shadows by using a dedicated buffer to map where the shadows fall. More importantly (at least to me) is 3D Textures, while 2d only describes the surface of the object, 3d textures can define it's interior. While the GeForce3 TI200 is slower than the GeForce3, with a little overclocking it should be fine. Hey I'm running a GeForce256 with an AtlonXP 1700+ @ 1024x768 and it's not going TOO bad. (Back when 3DFX was fighting Nvidia, and people told me that the GeForce cards were just another "3DFX Killer" dupe)
    Just my two cents..
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    Why don't you look for a plain ol' Geforce3 card, now that the new Titanium editions are out, the regular geforce3 should drop in price, and is close the the performance of a ti500.

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    I don't think the plain ol geforce 3 will fall much. pple say it will, but in actuality, once they fall pretty low, soo many pple buy them that it will go back up again. Just look at the voodoo 5, the lowest price on pricewatch is somewhere is $95, while a gts 32 mb is $65 lowest (also noting that this visiontek gf2 gts value edition is still faster than the voodoo 5).
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