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Thread: TNT Ultra graphic card troubles

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    TNT Ultra graphic card troubles

    Can anyone explain why my nvidia TNT Ultra AGP card works fine in Win98, but if try and run it either under 2000 or XP it can't start, just gives an error (10) saying that the driver can't start.

    Creative tech support haven't come up with anything, and I'm a bit stumped!

    Under win98 it identifies it as a standard VGA card, then I update the driver to the latest ones and all is well.

    Under w2k and XP it identifies it correctly as nvidia from install, however has the famous yellow ! and I can't get it to start at all, I've tried latest Creative drivers that support both XP and W2k and also the latest Nvidia drivers.



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    Win2k and WinXP automatically assigns the same IRQ to all your AGP/PCI devices with ACPI enabled. You obviously have one or more devices that do not like sharing an IRQ with the graphics card. Deinstall your sound card, NIC, modem, etc. and install the video card. Then, one by one, install a device until it bombs. That will identify the culprit.

    You may need to disable ACPI and swith to "Standard PC" in your Win2k/WinXP device manager.

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