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Thread: Backup onto CDRs, can it be done well?

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    Backup onto CDRs, can it be done well?

    Ok, my dad want's to back up his computer. His machine is networked to mine (10mbps connection, ethernet). I was going to zip his HDD, but there's no way to set a size limit. I'm not keen on using MS Backup, since all the other bundled system utilities suck (cept for char. map and cleanup). Both machines run win98, and I belive bothe are SE (does it matter?). Sooo, what should I use to back up the pc. Should I use it with DCD or ECD4? My dad won't buy a new backup program. It's only 4 GB he needs to back up. Help a guy out here now...

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    if you have to, use easy cd creator 4 and just burn it as data.

    you may run into some issues, as some files (registry, drivers) are in use and you can't just select a bunch of directories and burn then to a cd. this method is a pain in the **** though and will take about 8-10 cdrs.

    i would just back up documents, internet favorites, email address book, and specific files you want to keep. in the event you have a failure and have to reinstall, you will get a fresh OS in there without the accumulation of junk files and a clean registry. all that you have to do is reinstall the applications and all of the important data is already backed up on 1 cd.

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