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Thread: modems winXP and other tales.

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    modems winXP and other tales.

    Hi to you all. Got a few problems with My uncles brand new spanking system with win Xp. Now I know that its only just come out but He hsa just had it delivered from a company in the UK and trying to get through to them for tech support is murder.

    Problem 1. We have been trying to set up internet access and every time he connects to a potential ISP he gets a message
    "you have just ignored an incoming call" Press Ok.
    Pressing ok drops the connection. He has had an extra phone line installed so that he can use it solely for internet access. Call waiting is definately not set up on the line, BUT and its a big BUT he did set up AOL and I dont know if it has somehow screwd up his settings.

    and number 2.
    THe system came with a burner which was coupled with easy cd 4. As soon as I installed the burning software it threw up an error message saying that software attached to the system was causing XP to become unstable. I uninstalled easy cd 4 but i still get the error message. I have looked in add reomove progs but there is ne reference to this prog. Anyone know how to get it off the XP system completely??



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    I don't know exactly how to completely remove the Easy CD Creator 4, but you can upgrade it to #5. There is a post about it in here somewhere. Hope this helps at least a little.

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