I put together a system using an Ahtlon 1.4 Gig 133 MHz FSB proc, FIC AD11 board supporting the 133 FSB and DDR ram, and 256 Megs of 2100 DDR Ram.

The system was unstable as hell when I first started with FSB at 133 Mhz. Blue screened like hell.. I tried swapping the memory, same problem. On a hunch, I made the FSB run at 100 MHz and the system is rock solid.

Now, I doublechecked that everything *is* supposed to work at the 133 MHz FSB : CPU, mobo and mem. I cannot figure out why the hell this is happening.. Does FSB speed matter to other components like video card (have an AGP Rage), HDD, etc?

This is actually a lot of progress since my last post.. thanks for the replies to that one