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    online RPG

    anyone have any suggestions
    is Asherons Call any good? (spelling?)-- is there a goal in these games??
    should i wait until the StarWars one comes out??

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    I have plyaed many Online RPGs and most are fun. As for Asherons call, I personally didn't like it. I'm gonna start playing Dark age of Camelot when it comes out. I think it gonna rock...
    Check out www.darkageofcamelot.com

    I'm also looking foward to Shadowbane. www.shadowbane.com

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    The "goal" in most of these games is to kill stuff, get more items, reach a new level so your stats go up, and kill more stuff. Rinse, and repeat. Lots of fun if you don't get too caught up in levelling and allow yourself to roleplay.

    I personally like games where there is a defined beginning and end. I feel I have accomplished more in a shorter time period. After a while, playing Everquest and Asheron's call got really boring.

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    Usually mmorpg's, the powergamers (people who can afford to play 5 hours a day every week) are the ones who have the most fun. In everquest for example, if your nto a powergamer.. dont except to get past 50 and do some raids that are actually worthwhile. They have no goals. Since the game can not suddenly end, there is no end boss. Your main purpose is to get the highest lvl possible.

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