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Thread: CDrom problems

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    CDrom problems

    Im using a Acer56k max cd-rom. When ever i play games (like diablo2) that need the cd, on some of them i get horrid performance. For example, in diablo2: lod i was getting about 1-5 fps using the 56x max cd-rom drive, and then when i used my burner with a 40x read i got 30fps.

    Hmm btw, should i be getting only 30fps on a Geforce3 and 1.4ghz athlon and 512ddr ?? It seems a bit low. Im using a iwill ka266 mobo wihtout any updated ide drivers btw...

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    The numbers do seem low.
    I doubt this would be the only issue, but is DMA enabled?
    Is the Acer CD-ROM properly identified in the device manager?
    Any device issues?


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