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Thread: URGENT!!! Fortissimo2 or SB Live?

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    URGENT!!! Fortissimo2 or SB Live?

    With the two cards being pretty much at the same price, I was wandering which one is a better deal...

    Should I go for the Hercules (Guillemot) Maxi Fortissimo 2, or the SB Live (not Platinum)?

    Anyone had experiences with both? I understand that SB has some kind of probs with VIA chipset, but in my new box I wil have a KG7, so this is not a big issue I think.

    So give me your opinion, or give me some benchmarks the fastest possible, cause I already ordered the Fortissimo, so I don't have much time if I want to change my mind...

    Thanks a lot.


    EDIT: I can not believe I forgot to say please! :o :o :o
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    Hi I have the SB Live 5.1 and am very happy with it. No problems, been using it for a year now.

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    I understand that SB has some kind of probs with VIA chipset

    yep I have, mine is in a drawer,,, although I'm about ready to give it another go..

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    Second time to try this. First time pulled up an error page.

    I've been using the Creative X-Gamer 5.1 since it first came out. Never had a problem with it, not even on my Abit KT7 Raid mobo.

    Its now on my Epox 8k7a mobo and still no problems with it.

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