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Thread: Ok tell me who makes a good 17" monitor for between 170-250

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    I do not think dot pitch is an accurate measure of how good a monitor is because of different grille designs. Personally, I can never tell the difference between 0.27 and 0.25 dot pitch.

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    There's a Princeton 17" (.27 pitch) at www.tccomputers.com for about $140 (not including shipping).

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    There really is no accurate measurement on which monitor is the best because it will all come out on individual taste, opinions, and personal preference.

    So between a .20 and a .25 dot pitch, my PREFERENCE is, based on MY OWN OPINION, as it conforms to my OWN INDIVIDUAL TASTE, a .20 dot pitch against a .25 or a .27 dot pitch, whether it is on shadow mask or aperture grille technology.

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    KDS dose make great monitors. I you are your trying to keep the price closer to $170, KDS makes an X-Flat Seires. They are a really good mointor for the price.

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    Sorry for the late reply.
    I agree with Richard_Cranium's reply leading you to Dell. Check
    their site daily.They just had a one-day 20% off peripherals sale
    on 10/17. Plus free UPS Ground shipping.
    I believe the Samsung 753DF also carries a $40 Mfr. rebate, but
    am unsure when it expires.
    I buy all monitors from Dell, given the above. Occasionally, I can
    find an additional $30 on-line discount code, making the whole
    deal really sweet,(and my credit cards on the verge of melt-down)

    Check www.slickdeals.net - that's how I become aware of the
    Dell sales.

    I was also surprised at the variety of brands that are offered by
    Dell - not just "Dell-branded" peripherals. Hope this helps.

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    all prices in CANADIAN DOLLARS, you americans are getting quite the deals here.

    NEC Monitors
    AS-70 17" 0.26mm 1280x1024 $235
    AS-70B 17" 0.26mm 1280x1024, Black $250
    AS-70MB 17" 0.26mm 1280x1024, Speakers, Black $320
    AS-75F 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1280x1024 $270
    AS-90 19" 0.26mm 1600x1280 $355
    AS-90M 19" 0.26mm 1600x1280, Speakers $430
    AS-95F 19" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1600x1280 $400
    Multisync FE700+ 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh $330
    Multisync FE700+BK 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh (Black Cabinet) $330
    Multisync FE700M+ 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh (w/ Speakers & Microphone) $395
    Multisync FE750 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1600x1200@73Hz Refresh $330

    Mitsubishi Monitors

    Mitsubishi DPlus73 17" .24mm flat-CRT 1600x1280 @66hz $380
    Mitsubishi DP710S 17" .24mm flat-CRT 1600x1280 @75hz $430

    Samsung Monitors

    SyncMaster 750S 17" 0.27mm CRT 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh $235
    SyncMaster 753DF 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh $265
    SyncMaster 755DF 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1600x1200@68Hz Refresh $310
    SyncMaster 700IFT 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1600x1200@75Hz Refresh (Non Aperture Grille) $370
    SyncMaster 700NF 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1600x1200@75Hz Refresh $370
    SyncMaster 950P 19" 0.26mm CRT 1600x1200@75Hz Refresh $355

    ViewSonic Monitors

    Q71 17" 0.27mm 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh $270
    E70 17" 0.27mm 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh $270
    E75 17" 0.27mm 1280x1024@75Hz Refresh $295
    E70F 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh $310
    E70FB 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh (Black Cabinet) $315
    G70MB 17" 0.27mm 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh (w/ Speakers & Microphone / Black Cabinet) $370
    G73F 17" 0.25mm 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh $330
    G75F 17" 0.25mm 1280x1024@66Hz Refresh $435
    Q95 19" 0.26mm CRT 1600x1200@76Hz Refresh $390
    E90 19" 0.27mm CRT 1600x1200@68Hz Refresh $385
    E95 19" 0.26mm CRT 1600x1200@86Hz Refresh $385

    AOC Monitors

    17" 7Elr .27 1280x1024 $240
    17" 7Glr .25 1600x1200 $260
    17" 7Klr FLAT .25 1600x1200 ( Samsung Flat Tube) $240
    19" .26 1600x1200 $390

    Daytek Monitors

    DT-77A 17" 0.27mm CRT 1280x1024 @63Hz Refresh $220
    DT-75A 17" 0.25mm CRT 1280x1024 @63Hz Refresh $240
    719BF 17" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1280x1024 @75Hz Refresh $260
    DT-95A 19" 0.26mm CRT 1280@1024 @70Hz Refresh $310
    905DF 19" 0.25mm Flat-CRT 1600x1280 @75Hz Refresh $420

    Remember these prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS, American price is between 40-50% less, www.atic.ca

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