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Thread: Bootable CD-ROM pointers.

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    Question Bootable CD-ROM pointers.

    And the young man (Arni) arrived before the council of elders (SysOpt) and when it was his allotted time he spoke: "Would one of you venerable members please point my browser to the instructions for creating a bootable CD-ROM, please?" Having thus spoken, he awaited their judgement. ------------------------------------------------------
    WOW! Now there's a large pain in the bondoons. Sorry, thought this was something relatively simple, like copying the floppy to file and then burning it to CD. Had no clue that you had to be Bill Gates, Jr.

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    and the venerable councilmen (and women) looked down upon the man and said no.

    just kidding... spark25 just hooked me up with all this info so thank him.

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    Well, I have no browser link, but I can tell you the easiest way to do it.

    Using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.5. First you need a Win98 system boot disk floppy to use as the boot image.

    The reason I say that is by default, the Win98 floppy loads RamDrive and sets the path as a variable to the ramdrive, regardless of how many other drives you have. You definitely HAVE to use a ramdrive. If you make a boot disk image with no ramdrive, it will be incapable of opening any programs.

    Now, I usually edit the Autoexec.bat file on my Win 98 floppy to remove the automatic launching of the Win98 diagnostics. You can also put in other commands while your at it.

    Now prepare to make your cd, go into properties of the disk, and select ISO9660 format, and check to make it bootable. Now make the CD and insert the boot floppy when prompted.

    Good luck.

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    From the chambers of this venerable councilwoman: Here's another one, young man. Now go forth and be bootable


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