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Thread: Win 7

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    Win 7

    I don't give up easily but am going bonkers trying to load Win 7 (new legal disc).
    MB-ECS A68M....Phenom 9950 quad core, several different ram all 1 GB. Different SATA H.D.'s, different P.S., L.G. Sata writer, changed Sata cables and new power cables but regardless of accessories and parts I cannot load Win 7. It installs normally up to the time it is about 3/4 finished and a windows pops up say it cannot load windows because it can't locate certain files? I tried a USB, CD and the new dvd. I have tried to load it maybe 10 times with the same results, any ideas?
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    Are you using AHCI or RAID? If so, did you add the drivers during install?

    On Step 10, you need to click "Load driver", and then browse to the drivers. You can just stick them on a flash drive.

    Are you using an Win7 SP1 disc or not?

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    Is "cannot load windows because it can't locate certain files" the actual error message? When I google it I don't find as much as I expect.

    Where did the new legal disc come from? Did it come as a disc or did you have to create it from a download?
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