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Thread: USB-Stick-Misteries-USB 2.0 and 3.0

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    USB-Stick-Misteries-USB 2.0 and 3.0

    Since i had problems using my USB 2.0-stick on both Winxp and Win7-PCs the late TRAIN gave me a workaround of preparation with gparted which didnt help. When coming from Winxp on Win7 it constantly wanted to prepair/repair? the stick. This older usb 2.0 stick( also have an SD-card-adapter having the same issue) doesnt show up data now and need to be formatted my pc is telling.

    som i finally bought a new USB-stcik 3.0 samsung. Started loading videos from Windows 10s/edge. used it also on Winxp. now asking to be formatted on winxp. on Win7 it wanted to be prepaired.
    1. is the latter normal every time i am switching from OSs. or only when having used on Winxp.
    No i didnt run a defragmenter neighter on the stick nor on the partition containing the videos.
    Thanks a lot for clarification.
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