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Thread: Be careful out there with One Core services.

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    Be careful out there with One Core services.

    Live threat.jpg

    I ended up at technibble.. I think it was, after some unusual activity on a networked stand alone Dell which went 110% CPU and was indexing while 200 large (video) files were being exported to portable media.

    I actually can't be bothered with the problem but M$ OneCore and its capture services may be compromised and is certainly being targeted as the attachment hopefully shows.

    That web page is scary...... very, very scary and I believe that Lucifer put it together.

    I have not linked to it and those who want to go there will figure out how to.

    That web page is the next level of EVIL - It's here now preying on everything.

    I had a silly problem and researching led me to the attached web page. Be careful out there.
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    Warning! - That is not a "" domain name as it might appear to be at first glance. It is actually a "" domain with a "microsoft." prepended to it.

    If you try to go there with a registered version of Malwarebytes running, you'll see that it is indeed dangerous:

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