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Thread: Cloning bootdrive to new HDD. Preparations-Formatting?

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    I realize you may not be English speaking as your first language, I also might be wrong in that aspect too. What I was saying was, your rambling might throw some one looking for information on cloning a harddrive off kilter and they'd never understand what you're saying and would go else where looking for the same answer they could have gotten here by asking the same question you did.

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    Next attempt-Clonezilla-only 1:1-No Boot

    To clone 200gb to 1tb attached to Sata toPower over esata card i used Clonezilla. One version was able cloning 1:1. locale to locale. omn SSE-processor Ga-7N400 Pro2. new unprepaired drive used.
    During start i must wait till the systemdrive is shown until i can power-on docking-station.
    didnt find an option to enlarge. do you? drive was hanging when attached to first sata-slot aka no-boot. at the same location during start as if attached in docking-station during cloning.
    Next could be Minitool Partition Wizard 11 free.
    NB: During first version i used Trueimage 2014. backup was done partitions enlarged but no boot. TI-tech(see link) is telling one must first make an image. Since i already have a backup i will try with mentioned free tool on the same second 1TB-WD-drive. They have a strange hole-also older one-on left side. on other drives such holes are protected with tape. no here. maybe to adjust air-pressure.
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