Have two HDDs of the same size. Old ones. Partitioned this way. Dont understand why on the second one(B) where i associated remaining space to a volume is Primary and not logical. no data there yet.
A) C: Primary D: Primary same size E: Primary -just allocated remaining Space after a long time. Why couldnt i turn it as logical? whats the difference now for daily work if its not logical.
maybe D it was logical and because i made a systempartition-backup to D it turned to Primary.

B) second drive
C: Primary D: Logical(remaining space used)
They are two of multiples i am using with winxp on GA-7N400 Pro 2
maybe troubles are also because Systempartition is not set that big.
could now free more space, remaining 9gb free space. not much.
BTW: where do i find the rubbish which is accumulating on systempartition? Thanks