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Thread: Laptop touchpad & any external usb input does not work!

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    Question Laptop touchpad & any external usb input does not work!

    Dell Inspiron 5000 Series about 2 to 3yrs old running Win10. Worked fine this morning. Then, after shutting it down for a bit and turning it back on, there is no arrow/pointer on the screen. The touchpad does not work. Any external usb device (i.e. mouse, keyboard, etc.) does not work.

    Using the keyboard, I can see there were two unknown devices in Device Manager that had conflicts (yellow exclamation). I was able to download the bios update for this laptop and installed it with no change. I downloaded the touchpad driver, but unable to use keyboard/enter key to execute the "Install" button to complete the installation of the driver after many attempts.

    Very difficult to look in Event Viewer at errors without ability to maximize window.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!! As far as I can tell, that is the only issue. I don't see any updates there were installed in the past 24 hours either.

    Edited to add: When plugging in any USB device, Windows does recognize it and sets it up. The mouse light comes on for a few seconds initially and goes away after a few seconds. USB flash drive does open in Explorer and I can browse the files. But, no keyboard or mouse input.
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