Hello everybody...

I tried doing the googling but was unable to find satisfactory information to help my project.

I am hoping to connect a workstation with a file server using a 10Gb link while skipping the cost of a 10Gb switch.

I already have two NC550SFP 10gb adapters, and apparently it is possible to do a direct connection with an SFP+ DAC cable, but the distance i need to go is about 10 meters, and DAC cables tend to get to 7 and im a little unsure of the performance i would get at 10m. Thats why im looking at a 10m SFP+ OAC, which would also provide electrical separation, but i just can't get any information about a direct connection between two machines without a switch.

Essentially, is it possible to do a direct connection with an OAC, and is there anything specific i should look for in the cable?

Settings and configurations i can play with for days, but i dont want to be spending money on cables that are not able to do the job.

I hope someone here has some experience on the subject and can shed some light on this, and thanks in advance.