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Thread: My GTX 780 suddenly stopped displaying

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    My GTX 780 suddenly stopped displaying

    Hi SysOpt, I recently and somewhat suddenly had a problem with my EVGA GTX 780. It is not sending any signal to my monitor. The fans run, but when the computer is on and my monitor is connected to it (tried both DVI ports) the monitor shows "No Signal Detected" and goes into standby. After this happened I removed the video card, cleaned it, and replaced it but the problem persisted. Additionally, upon the first startup after cleaning the video card and port, the fan spun up really fast and my computer beeped. I quickly switched power off. At the moment, I have an old video card in the slot and it is working fine, so it's almost certainly the card. The card is just over 3 years old and out of warranty, and EVGA is not helping me in any way. Do you guys have any advice for what might be wrong and if it's repairable, or has my card seen it's fated end? I am thinking I might try the HDMI ports, but something tells me that's not going to work either. Thank you for any help!

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    Sorry, the best bet I have found is to just replace it.
    Sounds like a output capacitor has gone.

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