Cannot remove AVG Web tuneup-addon in Firefox-winxp
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Thread: Cannot remove AVG Web tuneup-addon in Firefox-winxp

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    Cannot remove AVG Web tuneup-addon in Firefox-winxp-SOLVED

    Before and after removal of AVG Web Tuneup in winxp-AVG will stay-i tried to remove its firefox-addon without success. it had hyjacked google-search.
    avg web tuneup.jpg
    it dont see that javascript is not enabled. nocript and ghostery not showing up when that warning is coming.
    When checking again-the warning still open and greyed out-like with ghosts hand, the addon is finally gone... BINGO! relieved. i only see the avg-sign in google toolbar. avg secure search now deleted. maybe i must reboot.
    update: it was moved to the end of the list and could be removed-. also avg secure search could be removed.
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