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Thread: Helping my Mom

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    Helping my Mom

    Hey all, i have a question, i wanna help my mom out, she is bed ridden, with diabetes, lupis, she just had a pace maker put in and she lost a part of her foot due to this i love her very much.

    Anyways like i said she is bed ridden, and she had a laptop, until the mobo went out again in it for the 5th time....it was a dell m1330, biggest P.O.S. in the world but it kept her entertained. I want to get her another one, i am unemployed or i would help her out and i am not asking anyone for money here.

    I am curious how someone would go about doing something like this. I saw an article where i guy had a donation going for a college kid whose parents bought him a stolen computer without knowing it was stolen, the guy whose laptop was stolen set up a program to help the kid get a new computer...any ideas where i can look or go about this?

    Thank you for your time.

    BTW I am very serious about helping my mom...so please don't bash or hate...she is a wonderful person and if anyone deserves this it's her. Did I mention it just happens to be her birthday today!

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    Google-> Donate Laptops and you'll find links like:

    How to Get a Donated Laptop

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