We have a font that we use for document production. In Windows XP and Office 2003 the font is always set to the "Medium" style. In Office 2010 on Windows XP or Windows 7 the font is always set the the "Regular" style.

Here is the font: http://www.impallari.com/cabin

This font style change is causing documents we use in production for our brand to look different depending on which computer is used to print them. Is there anyway I can make Office 2010 use the medium style? I can only get Word to accept the Bold Style, Italic Style, and Bold Italic by using the font style buttons in the ribbon bar. The prevents me from using 4 of the font style such as SemiBold and Medium.

Medium is the style we want to use. (Type text, right click the text and choose font and you can see the font style list)