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Thread: Partition disappeared from Ext HDD

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    Partition disappeared from Ext HDD

    Hi all

    Googling hasn't really helped me on this one. I have a 250gb Seagate GoFlex HDD, of which 50gb is used for backups of my Wii games (the optical drive is dodgy). It's formatted in WBFS format.

    I've never had a problem with it. Randomly today I noticed it wasn't appearing in "my computer" and also the Wii isn't detecting it at all.

    I figured it's not a big issue as I can just resize to create the partition again, reformat it, and add my backups to it again.

    However when I try to use my partition software, it's only seeing the hdd as having 1 partition, of 200gb... so this other 50gb seems to have disappeared completely. I can't work out where it's gone. Any ideas?

    If nothing obvious springs to mind I'll just back up literally everything on it and format it completely from scratch. Just a pretty random issue really.


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    Look in Disk management, does the 50 GB show up there?

    If it does, you should be able to remove it and remake the partition in Disk management.

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    Did you run a Seatools diagnostic on the drive? It's possible that the drive is failing.

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