WIll my sites work in PHP 5.3?
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Thread: WIll my sites work in PHP 5.3?

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    WIll my sites work in PHP 5.3?

    My shared account has PHP 5.2 but I'm going to need version 5.3 to install a script on one of my websites. My question is what happens if I upgrade to version 5.3. Will my other sites still work normally? I have mostly wordpress sites and some basic php scripts for contact forms. etc.

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    This is pretty belated, but I will take a shot at it anyway.

    Its really hard to make any assumptions. I never encountered problems with using PHP 5.3 on a vanilla wordpress installation. However, some scripts will trip over logic bugs generated from changes to PHP between 5.2 and 5.3. Mysterious ones.

    For example, a video gallery plugin I use, up until a recent update, would render wordpress completely unusable as it failed to load. It even killed the admin backend! But after that update, all the plugins, including the video gallery plugin, continued to work properly.

    Just copy your site to a web server running PHP 5.3. Test your scripts. If they all seem to work without fail, upgrade your main host to 5.3. If not, fix the scripts, or report the bugs to those who maintain your plugins/scripts.
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