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Thread: Dell Mp3 player needs editing software

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    Dell Mp3 player needs editing software

    I have a Dell DJ or Digital Jukebox player Generation 2. I also have a Gen 1 which works with a program called Dell DJ Explorer. This Explorer will show songs that I can edit, make genres, delete genres, rename songs, find duplicates, etc. It is a download from Delll. I am using XP with these DJs.

    Ok I now received three Generation 2 DJs. The DJ Explorer does not recognize that the players are hooked up so it does not open up the interface explorer to do all the editing. I haved also tried the Red Hat software and it does the same---does not recognize the DJ is plugged in.

    I tried Musicmatch JB and the stupid program takes 2 minutes before you can do anything with it. It does not help with editing, renaming, etc. I uninstalled it.

    Is there something I can use with this DJ Gen 2 that I do some Genre, renaming stuff?

    When I plug it into any Win XP, Vista or Win 7 the DJs show up with all the songs and renaming the songs work but when you look at the DJ's screen, the songs tags are still there and songs will look like this:

    !Led Zeppelin or /(Led Zeppelin or ((Led Zeppelin or ..Led Zeppelin or (Led Zeppelin or 06Led Zeppelin. They will sometimes start up with the song and then the artist or vice versa or unknown. So they are all mixed up even though on the computer they show up just fine.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks for your response.

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    What you have are some old proprietary mp3 players that are not supported anymore.
    The player not showing the correct tag info onscreen sounds like a file(s) is corrupted on the player. From my experience with other players , it could be caused by using the wrong ID Tag format. To correct that you have to either check each file manually or just remove all the files from the player at once , then add a few with the correct supported ID Tag format to test.

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