I have had a problem with my internet going out for about 4 minutes at a time periodically throughout the day. Some days it happens more than others. It's not my computer because when my internet goes out, if i go to DSL Link and Internet Status both say "not connected" and there will be a red light on my modem/wireless router. The problem is by the time I get done dealing with that awful Verizon automated system that I swear is going to drive me to suicide and talk to a person, the internet has come back so they can do nothing to diagnose it.

Anybody here work for Verizon and know a tech support direct dial? Or maybe what the problem may be?

It'd be nice if there were a tech support number that didn't go to India so that the couple of times I get a human before the internet comes back on I wouldn't get bogged down with "Hello, my name is Gary, are you having a wonderful day today sir? You are? Excellent! Ok, so do I understand that your problem is you have periodic internet outages? Great! So, let's first try to see if rebooting your router fixes it? Do I understand correctly that you have tried this 500 times in the past and it never works? Great! Ok, let's try rebooting the router."