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Thread: Can I move a RAID 0 pair to other PC?

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    Can I move a RAID 0 pair to other PC?

    I have 2x320GB SATA2 drives set up on a PC as a one volume striped storage area (boot from another other drive). I configured them through XP [My Computer --> Manage --> Computer Management(Local) --> Storage --> Disk Management]. That motherboard died and am just wondering before physically relocating them if I can simply drop them in other PC and continue to use it as a RAID0 storage volume or if I'll run into problems. Ideas? Thx.

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    The controller must be identical and the drives must be connected the same. The array would function in this case, but Windows may need to be repaired unless the motherboard is the same.

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    So your answer is "probably not", but we can't be sure until you try it.

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    And in the for what its worth catagory - have seen a guy on another forum in the same boat. He was able to get a PCI Sata/Raid controller card that was identical to the one in is old dead mobo to work...

    Or do you have the needed backups you could rely on
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    Swapped out a Asus P5W DH Deluxe in one of my systems for a Abit AW9D Max. Boot was 3 drives configured in RAID 0. Figured I'd have to do a re-install of everything. Put in the drives no particular order, configured thru bios for the RAID. Started it up, booted right to Windoze!!!!. Of course it detected New Hardware and installed etc, but it worked no problems. Was using the Intel set for both.
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