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Thread: new system dead, please help

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    new system dead, please help

    First off, hello to my old Sysopt friends! I used to be a regular here, for many years actually but I've been out of the game for a while and I got a new system for xmas and I need help.

    System specs:

    mobo - asus p5b deluxe, cpu - c2d e6600 4meg retail, ram - super talent t800 2 x 1 g, psu - ocz 700w 7000 gsxssli, gfx - bfg 8800 gts, cooler - scythe infinity

    1. Built this out of the case - it's sitting on a phone book, so no mobo short.

    2. Booted up fine so I began following the core duo OC guidelines at Toms Hardware. Yes, there was some minor overvolting - ram 2.15 cpu 2.4, certainly well within range of what is considered safe.

    3. Gradually took CPU to 3.75 where it began to lock up running memtest 86. So I took it down to about 3.5 (iirc) and left memtest running for about 45 mins while I went to store.

    4. Upon return system was off and now will not boot. When power is turned on all fans spin momentarily(HSF, PSU'GFX), then nothing. The mobo light still comes on whenever psu is attached and PSU is set to on.

    OK, here's what I have tried:

    1. Reset CMOS
    2. Left CMOS battery out all night
    3. Tried I ram only stick in all slots, tried the other stick.
    4. Rebuilt system. Checked and dbl checked. All power cables hooked to vid card, main, and cpu.
    5. Tested PSU with a cheap PSU testor, only 20 leads, but PSU fires up and testor light is green.
    6. Examined CPU for any damage and none.
    7. Examined MOBO for busted caps and none.
    8. I'm pretty darn sure HSF is making good contact.
    9. Tried old PCI vid card with PCIe out of system

    This is my first PCIe system, with the new RAM and all that and I have no parts to switch out!

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