Oh my goodness. There is something BAD WRONG with my computer.

Well, in the past few days I have completely re-installed Windows XP Home Edition 3 times. The very first time I had a problem was after I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3. All of a sudden things stopped working and nothing would respond. After a long time of nothing happening. I got extremely frustrated and re-loaded Windows. I deleted the previous partition and created a new one. Then re-loaded it. Ok, so I put Zone Alarm Security Suite on there. I have the discs for both Windows Updates : Service Pack 1 & 2. They are both discs from Microsoft themselves. I've never had a problem with those.

Ok so I put both service packs on....then I get online and update my Zone Alarm completely BEFORE I attempt to get Microsoft Updates. Now here is the biggest problem. Every SINGLE TIME I go to get updates or ANYTHING from Microsoft, it completely messes up my computer. I mean BAD BAD BAD. Everything stops responding and the whole thing actually freezes. Sooo, this 3rd time after re-loading Windows, I created a restore point. I just attempted to get Windows Updates yet again. It did the same thing. So I just now did System Restore. I came here in utter dispair and vulnerability. I really need some help. Is it possible that there is something wrong with the whole Microsoft site? Can I still have some sort of infection after doing what I've done?

We're here waiting for a reply. I'm so desperate. I have no idea where to start. I know there is no way I can just go surfing the internet without full updates or I'll just end up with **** all in my computer. The only updates I have right now is both the Service Packs. I am NOT going back to Windows Updates, every time I do, it just messes my whole computer up. Please help me if you can. Any suggestions or possibilities are welcome. I'm 23, I haven't exactly learned everything there is to learn about it all. Hmmm what else can I say...Computer Specs?

EMachines T1090
900Mhz Processor
80Gig Hard Drive (upgraded from 20gig)
192 MB of Ram (that's one 64 stick and one 128 stick: upgraded some)
Windows XP Home Edition (Just Service Pack 1&2)
ZoneAlarm Security Suite (fully updated w/ Antivirus and Firewall protection)

All of that probably does no good. I'm sorry. I'll be awaiting a gracious reply. Thanks so VERY much in advance. Denette