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Thread: Sound problem with ASUS P5RD1-VM

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    Sound problem with ASUS P5RD1-VM

    Hi all,
    I'v been trying for days to get the onboard sound of this mobo to work. No drivers from the CD that came with it or asus.com could identify the hardware. I'm not sure if the "PCI Card" listed in Hardware Manager is that built-in sound chip either. Nothing could identify that thing.

    It's a shame that this low price mobo isn't perfect!!!!!!!!! Everything else from running a Pentium D 805 to Lan to onboard video (fast too) to tweaking all sorts of MHz in bios is just amazing out of the box.

    I hate to get a separate sound card because it'd defeat the purpose of building a budget system.

    Does anyone have this board or know how to help me? Thanks.

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    Don't you know what PCI cards are in the PC? Verify the presence of the drivers for each one. Whichever is left over is the card that needs drivers. It's not exactly rocket science...

    Your board uses a SoundMax audio setup. Here are the 32-bit drivers for XP:


    If that doesn't work, either the speakers are connected wrong or audio is disabled in BIOS setup.

    Before loading anything at all, you need your chipset drivers. They are on the CD and here:


    Install those FIRST.

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