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Thread: Use DDR in a DDRII Mobo?

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    Use DDR in a DDRII Mobo?

    I am building my little brother a computer and I have a gig of Coirsiar Value Select DDR 3200 sitting around and was wanting to use that. However, most boards with the features I need, Pentium D compatable, PCI-E video, etc. are DDRII mobos. Is it possible to use DDR in a DDRII mobo?
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    Sorry, can't do that. DDR and DDR2 have different numbers of pins, among other differences.

    DDR = 184 Pin
    DDR2 = 240 Pin (IIRC)
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    If you want to build a dual core system that uses DDR PC3200, go with AMD Socket 939 on an nForce4 chipset.

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    You can build a Pent D with DDR 3200 with Asus P5RD1-VM. In fact just over the weekend I just built a Pentium D 805 with that asus board and Corsair Value Select 1 gb 3200 module. Windows xp pro installed so far so good.

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