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Thread: Best Wi-Fi adapter?

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    Best Wi-Fi adapter?

    Would I be better off going with a PCI or USB wi-fi adapter for my desktop? Any manufacturer suggestions? Thanks

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    Either is fine I suppose. The USB adapter would give you some options down the road, tho it will use a USB port (don't know how many your PC has).

    Do check the specs before buying. We've recently rolled out WPA2 for our wireless connections and quite a few users had cards that supported WPA. Some were update to apply firmware/driver updates to private support but many were not.

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    I'm using a D-Link DWL-G510 card and it's been very good. The setup is easy.
    I just plug in security settings, channel, SSID and it auto-detects my network.

    Was considering Linksys but the D-Link was on rebate at the time.

    Oh, had to add a Zonet ZWA2006 antenna to improve signal strength. It has to shoot through 2 sheetrock walls and the remote antenna makes a huge difference.

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    A good USB adaptor has to be at least 802.11g, which means that you need a USB2 port on your computer.

    If you do not have a USB2 than go with PCI.

    If you do have USB2 than it depends on the environment.

    Read this,

    My current preference in USB or PCI is Buffalo Tech. Otherwise any WPA2 capable Brand name would do.

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    Those new Zyxel USB Wi-Fi adapters look very curious. Supposedly they can act as a dectector *and* be used as a WAP *and* be used as a wireless card.
    Go figue
    The only thing left is to add in some memory.

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    I bought this card and am very happy with it. Price was right and it pulls in a stronger signal than my netgear card. The external antenna works really well.

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