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Thread: entering text to a webpage

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    entering text to a webpage

    Is it simple to create a webpage where the user enters text in and clicks on a button
    and the text is saved on a page showing the latest 20 entries with all the previous entries on another page?

    How can I do this?


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    It's difficulty level really depends on your skills. There are several ways, I'll post the way I considerer the easiest.
    To do that you need:
    - an HTML form, on which the user will input data
    - a database, to hold the data (a file will also do, but the database is more common)
    - a piece of PHP code that will take the the form's information and put it in/retrieve it from the database
    - a hosting service that allows PHP and a database (MySQL, typically)

    Should I post how it's done?

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    You could use a Guest Book ....... Link Like that ...... Easyest way I recon

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