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Thread: Add an Icon to your Flash drive

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    Add an Icon to your Flash drive

    Ever have a hard time figuring out which drive is your flash drive? This is especially true when you're working on someone else's computer. Many systems come with multiformat card readers now. Sometimes there are 5 or 6 removable devices! So how do you know which one is your flash drive?

    To remedy this, you can add a custom icon.

    1. Create a autorun.inf file with the following lines:

    2. Create the icon file:
    Download one or make your own from a bitmap. I recommend an icon of 32x32 at 256 color for general compatibility. You won't be able to see much detail anyway, so just keep it simple.

    @iconsushi and IcoFX are good freeware icon editors.

    3. Put both files on the flash drive. You must keep autorun.inf in the root directory. You can put .ico files in a folder. Just change the path to ICON=foldername\youricon.ico

    You can grab some free icons here:

    It's just a little tweak to make your life easier.
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