Well tomorrow i was going to go out and buy a samsung 19" lcd the 915n modle 800:1, 8ms response, but only anolog that was the only problem i had with it. it retails for 549+tax(canadian)

so i decided to look around and i came across a couple fs adds around me one

19" benq fp931 for $375, 16ms response, comes digital and anolog, 450:1


Dell E193FP for $475 again 16ms response, 500:1

i'm so thrown for all of those.... i sorta wanted dvi, i dont really know how the diffrent contrast ratios will come into play
16ms doesnt really worry me to much as i have moved on to MMOPG games not as fast as fps. but i still want a nice picture.

i'm not to sure about colors i'm trying to learn about monitors at the same time some are 16.2 others are 16.7 million... is that THAT big of a diffrence..

anyways any advice would be great guys thanks