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Thread: Can you help me get something like this

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    Can you help me get something like this

    I am starting my own website and am using wordpress which seems rather user unfriendly and very complex with very disturbing and boring interface but what to do I got this from the web-host but now I want to make it better using different techniques. I have finally kept a theme but want sliding pictures like in this website learnakedacademy.com I want this type of sliding pictures for my site too and want to add content to it as per my wishes and want to move it in the speed I say so can anyone help me on how to do this in wordpress.

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    That is done using jquery.

    There are about 9 different jquery.js for that page.

    Just save the page complete and I use notepad to check those out.

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    Look for jquery tutorials, and check out w3schools.

    These are techniques you probably won't be able to implement unless you learn the basics first.

    I don't advise you blatantly copy and paste code from other websites, as they may have copyright attached to them which prohibit it.
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    ujwalbro2006 if you use CMS you can download plugin or extension like this .

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