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Thread: Error: 630. The modem is not responding properly.

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    Error: 630. The modem is not responding properly.

    I am using Win98SE, and am trying to install an old modem that hasn't been tested yet.

    It seems like Windows indicates that whatever of 3 drivers I find for this Cirrus Logic F-1128HV/R6 that I try to install on it will ultimately not work.

    When I go to Control Panel -> Modems -> Diagnostic -> More Info, it goes instantly from "Trying to communicate with modem. This may take a few minutes." to "Port open". Does that mean it's working or it isn't? Because it seems that Windows is dumb enough to think it is working, when it might be broken in the 1st place?!?!?!

    So how can one really tell if a modem is toast?

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    Try a standard windows modem driver. Sometimes that will work when all else fails.

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    try driverguide.com or this link but scan it before installing - hope either suggestion works....

    ....and sometime adia32 will give you a good idea of the modem specs so you can find the drivers on the sites above, or on google.

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